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You have your brand presence and you love it!  Now it’s time to strategically learn how to use your brand to market your business.

My purpose is to teach and mentor talented + driven entrepreneurs how to build a business & brand that is true to who they are, one they can be proud to own.

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How to Manifest Your Dream Life & Business

Want to know a secret? Goal setting and creating big changes does not have to be boring. Learn how to manifest a dream life + business.

Suni Taylor

You finally made it!! How are you? My name is Sundra –  or you can call me Suni – yes, as in the SUN.

Once upon a time, I was just another corporate marketing bunny, hopping from one project to another. That was until I listened to my soul calling and started my own business utilizing the same skills and branding expertise learned in corporate marketing.

My past profession got me involved in web design, development, brand and online marketing. That’s when I learned that with the right branding direction you can transform a lackluster brand presence into something spectacular.